pino Küchen GmbH was founded in 1994 in Klieken, Saxony-Anhalt, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALNO AG. PINO is the entry-level brand of the ALNO group. With eight different ranges and 38 door colours, it offers a contemporary range that is sold mainly in the lower price segment.

PINO kitchens usually come fully fitted from the factory, complete with whatever electrical appliances and attractive accessories the customer desires. This means a price advantage for dealers and installers and therefore for the customers.

The PINO customer’s main priority is the price. PINO kitchens are often popular among the younger generation who value modernity and flexibility as well as good value for money. PINO kitchens are also family kitchens: comfortable, durable kitchens that offer a wide variety of integration options within a reasonable price structure.

ADDRESS: pino Küchen GmbH, Buroer Feld 1, D-06869 Klieken/Coswig

TELEPHONE: +49 (0)34903 60-0

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